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Community for posting Christina Aguilera icons.


1. Please do not post any icons that do not in some way relate to Christina Aguilera. If for some reason you post a Finding Nemo Icon or some crap like that, it will be deleted.

2. If you post more than one Icon in an entry, please lj-cut it. Remember, lj-cuts are your best friend!

3. Please try to limit the number of entries you make daily. If you plan on posting several icons, try to put them in the same entry, not spread out over 5.

4. Give warning if any of the icons you create feature nudity or near nudity. We may all love Christina, but some of us may be offended by nude pictures. VERY IMPORTANT. Nude icons that are not lj-cut and with a warning will be deleted.

5. No Anti-Christina sediments are to be posted. Any posts bashing Christina and/or other members or their work will immediatly be deleted.

6. If your post does not include an Icon I have only three words for you: don't post it!

7. Do not take someone elses work and pass if it off as your own. If you are caught doing said thing, you will be removed from this community. If you plan on taking someone elses icon, comment and tell them. And please give credit where credit is due.

8. Do not promote any other communities. Even if they have to deal with Christina. Woot.

9. Have fun and be creative!

-Ashlee, your somewhat intelligent and responsible moderator.

*If you have any questions about any of the rules or whatnot please e-mail me at dezogsky4@yahoo.com

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